From Hawaii. Look Asian. Sound Southern. Gay. 21. Live in NC. I'm Awesome.

  • Anonymous asked : Haha how about Asian with big D? Around 8 inches;)

    Hahaha well then yahhhh I think that’s a yes for everyone

  • tryllvester:



    KOD last night 👯

    KOD has the best strippers in the nation fuck what you heard


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  • Omg yum I have always loved these growing up. I can eat a whole bag in a fee minutes. #fatkid #yummy #asian #asianmarketfood

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  • Anonymous asked : Do you like asian guys?

    I’m more attracted to white guys lol but I like some Asian guys ;)

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  • heckbennett:

    The song hallelujah always makes me cry but it also makes me think of Shrek???

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  • Anonymous asked : what college do you go to?

    Campbell University

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  • princekevin10 asked : w-wow i think i just got love at first sight.. you're so cute >////<

    Hahah you’re too sweet, thanks!

  • itsbriandrew asked : wow, you are honestly so handsome

    Thank you :)